Corona of Algorithms

This page offers .mp4 audiovisual guides for algorithms presented in Algovision. The lectures are in Czech and were recorded in April 2020 after Chinese viruses invaded to Czech Republic and prevented my face-to-face meetings with students of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University and Faculty of Information Technologies of Czech Technical University.

The collection is still very incomplete, please check periodically for updates.


File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Starting Algovision, controller and pseudocodes 25 22

Data structures

Binary search trees

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Binary Search Trees 59 34
AVL Trees 63 42
Red-black Trees 45 37


File name Size [MB] Time [min]
B-tree 52 42

Standard heap

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Standard heap 49 37

Binomial heap

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Binomial heap 50 30

Fibonacci heap

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Fibonacci heap: trees, their shapes and sizes 40 39
Fibonacci heap: operations 30 26
Fibonacci heap: time complexity 54 53

Graph algorithms

Extremal (shortest and critical) paths in graphs

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Shortest and critical paths in acyclic directed graphs 64 39
Dijkstra's algorithm 103 67
Bellmann-Ford algorithm (1) 118 68

Minimum spanning tree

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Minimum spanning tree of an unoriented labeled graph 62 65

Minimum cut in a regular graph using a spectral algorithm

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Minimum cut in a regular graph (spectral algorithm) 55 34

Arithmetic algorithms

Binary addition

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Binary addition (blocks) 79 33

Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

File name Size [MB] Time [min]
Fast Fourier Transform 67 31