Extension seminar ADS 1 (NTIN107)

In the summer semester of the academic year 2021/22, the Extension seminar Algorithms and Data Structures 1 (NTIN107) takes place on Wednesdays 15:40-17:10 in the building IMPAKT, the lecture hall N4.

I will try to broadcast the seminar via Zoom to students that are not able to participate personally, the link is


What we already know?

Wed 16.2.2022 Binary search trees, beginning of AVL trees (first 2 scenes)

Wed 23.2.2022 AVL trees, beginning of B-trees

Wed 9.3.2022 B-trees, beginning of red-black trees (up to the scene Rotations and Moving Blacks)

Wed 16.3.2022 Red-black trees

Wed 23.3.2022 Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm

Wed 30.3.2022 The lecture canceled due to an illness

Wed 6.4.2022 Bellman-Ford shortest path algoritm; Spectral algorithm for Graph Min-Cut

Wed 13.4.2022 Binomial heap; the first part of Fibonacci heap

Wed 20.4.2022

Wed 27.4.2022

Wed 4.5.2022

Wed 11.5.2022

Wed 18.5.2022

Closing conditions:

To get the "zápočet" at the end of semester, you will prepare a report on your use of Algovision: your evaluation of particular algorithms (how they were useful and interesting for you, both logical and visual quality of their implementation), bug reports, suggestions for improvements, etc.

This will tell me that you worked with Algovision (and you will get "započet" and most likely a good ADS1 grade) and you will help me to further develop Algovision.